Fat can be frozen in the form of SVF and frozen in small aliquots. Freezing your own fat in the form of SVF Stromal Vascular Fraction may provide stem cells for a limited number of therapeutic deployments. This can be helpful for conditions that require several treatments and can be helpful to have on hand as bio-insurance in the event of a stroke, heart attack, ski accident or any number of problems that could come up suddenly. We are now on the verge of being able to take some of the frozen SVF and isolate stem cells that could be cultured and expanded to provide a nearly unlimited supply of your body’s own reparative cells. Together with our colleagues at the Cell Surgical Network (CSN), Cells on Ice will ultimately be able to provide patients with these indefinitely expanded cells for multiple repeated doses. We believe the potential to exponentially expand the number of your cells will not only help reverse illness but potentially be a fundamental way of prolonging strong viable life. At this time, investigations are being conducted with a variety of degenerative conditions while cell expansion for life prolongation remains more speculative. Expanded cells may be useful for future cancer treatments, personalized cosmetics, or personalized bio-therapeutics such as cancer treatments based on your own stem cells.