Auckland Stem Cell Treatment Center

321 Manukau Road Epsom | Auckland | New Zealand 1023 | +64-21-402-446 |

Hassan Mubark, FRACP, NZREX, USMLE, MB.ChB

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Joanna Romanowska, MBChB, FRNZCGP, DipNZSCM

Dr Joanna Romanowska (MBCHB, FRNZCGP, DipNZSCM) Founding Director of Clinic42, Auckland, NZ Dr Joanna Romanowska is a Cosmetic Physician with over 18 years’ experience in Cosmetic Medicine. She is highly regarded for her commitment to patient care and her proficiency, especially in delivering natural-looking results. Dr Romanowska graduated from Pretoria University in 1990. She completed…

New Zealand East Coast Stem Cell Centre

14 Rutene Road, Inner Kaiti | Gisborne | New Zealand 4010 | +64-6-868-9595 | +64-27-671-6811

Rick Cirolli, MD – Specialist in General and Emergency Surgery

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New Zealand Stem Cell Treatment Clinic

67 Maunu Rd, Woodhill | Whangarei, Northland 0110 | New Zealand | (649) 438-6767

Val Miller, MB, ChB, Dip, Obs, FRNZCGP, NZSIA

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