Cells On Ice™ is a stem cell cryopreservation company and industry leader in adipose derived stem cell cryo-preservation technology

The Future Of Regenerative Medical Care

Some day you will want stem cells to rebuild, repair, or regenerate vital organs and tissues. Your own cells may be the best substitute. Today, Cells on Ice can cryogenically store your stem cells for current or future stem cell treatments. Your cells can be protected, eventually expanded (i.e. replicated to increase their numbers) and saved for possible use in disease mitigation, organ damage repair, cancer therapy, cosmetics, and even Cell Renewal Therapy (CRT – formerly known as anti-aging).  Your cells carry your own DNA – not anyone else’s.  That also removes risk of allergic reactions.  Strict validation processes for screening and handling further prevent risk of communicable disease transmission.  The future of personalized medicine starts here.

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